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Frequently Asked Questions


to which countries do we deliver?

Our products can be shipped to almost all countries within the EU. However, only the products for deliveries to Germany can be ordered directly online.

For all other countries, please make an inquiry so that we can send you a non-binding offer.

How long does the delivery take?

Orders are usually sent by courier and the delivery time is between 5-7 working days. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us -

Do we also deliver on weekends?

A clear yes! Since the delivery is made by a forwarding agent, an appointment is made in advance by telephone. Here you also have the opportunity to ask whether delivery is possible, for example on a Saturday.

Can I also pick up my order?

A resounding yes! If you would like to save on shipping costs or if you are close to us anyway, you can also pick up your order by prior arrangement. If you are interested, please send us an email to

Is a delivery date agreed?

Definitely yes! Before the delivery of your order via the forwarding agent, they will arrange an appointment with you.

Do the plants have to be on the roof immediately?

Since the delivery of a green roof involves living plants, they must be processed within 48 hours. Please be sure to comply, otherwise the plants may die.


How can I pay my order?

All common payment methods are available to you at checkout. These include Klarna, Paypal, Visa, Mastervard and many more

Can I also pay by invoice?

A clear yes! We offer the payment method invoice via the payment service provider Klarna. Unfortunately, he himself determines who can use invoice as a payment method and who cannot. We have no influence on that.

I'm having trouble paying at checkout!

Of course that's not good! Please contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you with your problem and, if necessary, create the order manually.

spare Parts

What if, for example, my green roof dries up?

No matter what happens to your green roof, we are happy to help you out of trouble. Simply contact our customer service and together we will find a solution to your problem.

Are there spare parts?

A resounding yes! If a component of your green roof is damaged, you can get a replacement from us at any time.


How do I know if my roof has enough load-bearing capacity?

If you know the maximum load your roof can carry, you can compare this information with the information in the respective product descriptions. We provide specific information about each product, e.g. the green roof set, about the weight of your roof. We take all relevant factors into account, such as additional weight from rainwater.

I don't know how much my roof can carry?

No problem! We can test your roof with a certified structural engineer so you know exactly what works and what doesn't. Our structural engineer can, for example, also give you recommendations on how you would have to adjust your roof in order to increase the load-bearing capacity accordingly. Interest? Feel free to contact our customer service at


How do I install my new green roof?

On every product page, e.g. for the green roof set, you will find the appropriate assembly instructions (usually as a video). We explain step by step how to professionally install your new green roof.

Can I have my green roof installed by you?

A clear yes! If you are interested, please contact our customer service at We work together with various partners who are happy to take care of it, provided there is capacity. In any case, you will receive a clear statement plus price information by email.

Do I have to water the green roof after installation?

A resounding yes! Please ensure that your new green roof is supplied with sufficient water after installation.

If you carry out the assembly in a very hot phase, please ensure regular watering.


How can I change or cancel my order?

After you place your order, there is a small window of time in which we can make changes to your order. In this case, we ask that you call us as soon as possible or send us an email to

What to do if the delivery arrives damaged?

Please check the package upon delivery. If a shipment arrives with obvious shipping damage, we ask that you document the damage by taking photos before opening the package and product to examine the contents. If the product is (also) damaged, we ask you to contact us within 2 working days and send photos to if necessary. The complaints have to be processed so quickly because there are living plants in the deliveries. Please also keep the boxes and packing material.

Return and Refund

You can return items within 30 days if the product is in the original packaging and has not been used. In the case of individualized products, however, there is no right of withdrawal. After we receive the package, we will check it for any damage or missing parts. If everything is fine, we will refund you in full within a few business days.

Can I come by personally to exchange something?

You can, but we always ask that you contact customer service first. While returns are always possible, this allows you to allow a time slot and we can take the necessary precautions to ensure everything is dealt with as efficiently as possible.

I sent something back but haven't heard anything yet!

As with shipping, in rare cases it may take a little longer to ship a product and process the return if there is a high volume. If you haven't heard back after 10 business days, please feel free to call or email us at